Attached are materials from my presentation that I've Presented in DC, New York, San Fransico and Balitmore. The first is Power Point File with presentation and the second is a feature module which can be installed against an installation of Drupal 7 core


I was approached today to hide a table column when a certain item type was being displayed .For our purposes lets call them guitars and drums

As part of the table, I was looping through an array to print out a list of different types of guitars. For Drums, I didn't need that column

The variable we'll call, $instrument_type

First lets just look at the loop


I had this issue last week, my boss came to me and me to split up the fields between two separate tabs on a template file.

The extra challenge was that we could not edit the module and only the .tpl file.

I decided to write out two html tabs and specify a query in the link

<?php // here is the code for making tabs?>


The conditional rules module -

Instead of having several Rules fire on one trigger, why not have 1 Rule pick from several components and save your system a performance hit. This will make your Drupal site run faster and make your rules much easier to read for the next developer coming in from behind, and believe me, that will make you some friends.

Lets look at recent situation where we had to consolidate several rules generating message entities


The Rules Link module saved my day last week. I was building out a CRM solution for a medium sized government contractor.

Here were the requirements

  • Users need  button to create a Commerce Order from a User Account page.
  • System needs to be maintained by Site Builder

The Rules Link module creates a new entity called a rules link entity The entity can be attached toa user or one of several entities and the link can be moved around via the manage display tab.


To showcase how awesome the Drupal community is, I decided to let my two worlds collide and shoot a Guitar Voyager! video at BAD Camp. I'm at the Bay Area Drupal Camp to jam with some of the best in brightest in Drupal Community. The tune is All the Madmen by David Bowie


One of the biggest complaints about the otherwise awesome Youtube field module is that it's output are is only a set of static css sizes in the display option. Not anymore!  Now you can specify 100% width There is a new patch which should work pretty good. I am playing with it here an let you know what I find.


I had a lot of fun sharing what I know about the rules module during my presentation - Get more out of the Rules module: show Drupal who's the boss! The great things about events like this is that people with all levels of experience come out and it is great opportunity to share your company and to grow the community. One of the main problems identified by Dries is there are simply not enough Drupal developers yet.


Jessie Beach, a  respected content management platform themer ande mobile developoper shared herthoughts and observations about

  • Dealing with several OS systems and Browsers.
  • Show diagram of OpenSignal Android Device Map
  • She says by 2016 there will be about 8 billion mobile devices – that’s more devices then people.

Her talk is about tooling.