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I was approached today to hide a table column when a certian item type was being dsplayed.For our purposes lets call them guitars and drums

As part of the table, I was looping through an array to print out a list of different types of guitars. For Drums, I didn't need that column

The variable we'll call, $instrument_type

First lets just look at the loop


I had this issue last week, my boss came to me and me to split up the fields between two separate tabs on a template file.

The extra challenge was that we could not edit the module and only the .tpl file.

I decided to write out two html tabs and specify a query in the link

<?php // here is the code for making tabs?>


I am checking into this module here:

 We have two government agencies that have both a Moodle and a Drupal site.

I would like to find a way to make this tool work on a Drupal 6 site.

One of the main problems we are having is that navigation between the two sites can be sometimes jarring and confusing to the user. The themes are somewhat similar between the systems, but it would be a much smoother ride for the e-learner if they could stay wrapped in the page and not leave the site.